Thursday, March 1, 2012

IHOP & Toilet Seats

How is that for a title?

Did anyone take advantage of IHOP’s free short stacks on Tuesday? We sure did. We try not to miss. It was the perfect lunch. You need to keep your ears open around this time next year if you missed out. They do it every year.

Here is my sweet niece enjoying our time together-



Isn’t she a sweetie!?

And this is what my children were doing-



Don’t ask.

On a totally unrelated note-

A little over a week ago, this happened during a late night bathroom trip by one of my boys-


That’s right. I believe it was the day after the inspection. Thankfully.

Evidently, in his sleepy stupor he managed to let the lid drop back down not just once, but twice. I guess it was one too many times because it cracked right in half.

Needless to say this has been a little uncomfortable to sit on. It pokes and pinches.

So, I bought this-


I had one in my hands that was a little more pricey when I noticed the Slow-Close feature on this one. A better price and a problem solver- it was mine.

I placed the new lid in the bathroom where it remained for a few days. I think I was hoping it would magically change itself. No such luck.

It was actually quite an easy job once I started. Isn’t that sometimes the hardest part- starting?

The following images may not be suitable for all viewers. Especially if you have a weak stomach or are a germaphobe.

All I had to do was lift up the tabs that were covering the bolts.

*disclaimer* I have four young boys in my household. Just so you know.


I grabbed a screwdriver and started to unscrew. Underneath was the nut. I just held it in place while I unscrewed the bolt from the top. Once I did that I just popped the whole lid right off.

And then I cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. This part was very disgusting.

I had a picture all ready to show you what the old seat looked like underneath, but I just couldn’t do it. It was too much. I can hear the collective sigh of relief as you all thank me in your minds.

Your welcome.

The new seat came with new bolts and nuts. Thank goodness. I can just throw the old ones away. I screwed those in place making sure the seat was aligned straight. I had to tighten them pretty tight so that the seat didn’t wiggle. That was it.

Here is what our new seat looks like-


And the best part is this-

slow-closing toilet seat

I never thought I could love a toilet seat so much! If you have boys in your house you can understand this.

Thanks for looking! Sorry if I grossed you out!


  1. Too funny. Brian and I just discussed how great this toilet seat (while at Menards) would be to have. Then I wouldn't have to listen to Jonah slamming the lid down all the time:)

  2. I need those so bad in our place. And maybe self-cleaning ones too!!!