Friday, July 18, 2014

Beautiful Maternity Pictures

I was blessed to have the opportunity to take maternity photos for one of my best friends. She is also a photographer and very creative. Whenever we work together we have so much fun. The pictures speak for themselves.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Country Paintings Collection

I saw a photo over a year ago that I knew I wanted to copy. I had to copy. I needed it in my home.

This is the inspiration photo I found on Pinterest.

I started collecting country living type paintings when I would see one I liked for the right price.

This is where they sat for the longest time. The boys asked when I was going to hang them up.

I got one for free from my mom. The others were around five dollars from thrift stores. And the biggest was $35 but I bought it for half off at Goodwill.

I just added another one that I found while shopping on my birthday. It was time to hang them.

I planned to hang them in the family room. This is the room that the boys spend the most time in.

I got some newspaper and made a replica of each frame by laying it over the top and matching the size.

Then I hung each on the wall and stepped back to see what it looked like and adjusted accordingly.

The boys loved me stepping in front of them while they were trying to play a game.

I then measured how far down it would hang from the top of the frame.

And I transferred that measurement and made a mark on the newspaper hanging on the wall.

Then I put in the nail and took down the newspaper.

Here is how it looks now.

I know it needs a few little things to hang in between some of those paintings. I want some informal, rustic things to lighten it up a little. It's a little too serious for my style. I might also paint a couple of the frames or add something to them.

So stay tuned to see what else I add to spice it up.

Have a blessed holiday weekend!