Monday, March 26, 2012

Plum Tuckered Out

Already. And the week, containing lots to get accomplished, is just beginning. I am exhausted. If there was a more severe word than exhausted, that would be me. But I’m charging ahead and looking forward to relaxing days soon to come.

This is how I’m feeling-

009 (1)

008 (1)

007 (1)

We had a busy/great weekend. The Pistons game wasn’t very exciting, but we had fun anyway. The boys had an awesome time at the Red Wings game. That was an exciting game! The girls had a fantastic shopping experience. It was fun just being all together and spending quality time together.

Then we came back to get some serious work done. We have a busy schedule this week with lots of things to get done. We went to work moving our stuff next door into my in-laws so we could spend our first night there. Mission accomplished!

Next, I need to make sure all of our stuff is packed and ready for Florida. I can’t believe we leave on Wednesday! Yikes!

We got a lot of big items moved out of our house and into the storage unit. But we still have a few pieces left to move. I would say we are about 75 percent done. I hope to be 90 percent done before Florida, but we will see.

I promise I will start writing more interesting posts. Something other than about our packing and moving. That is just what I have been consumed with lately. Hang with me and better things will be coming soon.

Scott is doing good. His eyes still look gross, but his vision is perfect. He says they are a little itchy. He has problems falling asleep at night because he feels like he needs to take his contacts out. Hopefully that stops soon.

Thanks for looking!

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