Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tennessee Greetings

Hello from Tennessee!

We had a long, but good, traveling day yesterday. The weather was beautiful and everything went great. My littlest got a little tired of the van towards the end, but nothing too bad.

We stayed the night at a Microtel. We stayed at the exact same place last year. It is very nice and has a nice breakfast. We arrived at the hotel around 1am. So we were very tired and looking forward to sleeping in a little. We only have to travel 8 hours today, instead of 11 hours like we did yesterday.

We were shocked to be waken at 7am by the loudest and most obscene alarm I’ve ever heard. Scott and I both scramble out of bed looking for the snooze button. Only then did we realize it was the smoke alarm. It lasted only about 15 seconds and then stopped. We got back in bed, dazed.

Then it started going off again. This time it lasted for more than a minute. I called the front desk just to make sure we shouldn’t be exiting the building. The lady at the front desk said this- “The steam from the laundry room was setting off the smoke alarm. No need to be alarmed. We apologize.”

Seriously? Can steam set off a smoke alarm? Is that possible? Or is that some lame excuse they gave to cover up hooligans playing with the smoke alarm pull?

Who knows?! But our day has started a little earlier than planned. No big deal. They can sleep in the car!

We love this hotel room because they offer this neat little feature-


It’s nice to have one of the boys sleep on this so they aren’t so crammed.

And I love how a lot of hotels have gotten rid of the disgusting and outdated comforters in favor of a more inviting and washable choice. So much better!


This is after sleeping in it, so it looks a little sloppy.

I’ve got to get down to breakfast. I’m starving!

Happy hump day!

By the way- Anyone else freaked out by the runaway truck ramps when traveling through the mountains? I was driving that area, in the dark, and constantly looking in my rearview mirror for a rogue semi truck barreling down on me. Luckily, I never saw one Smile

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  1. Yep, I also get unnerved by those ramps. I haven't even been driving by them while it is dark though. And totally with you re. the washable bed coverings too! :)
    Nice to hear where you guys are at.