Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Craft Room Details

I have gotten a few items checked off my to-do list and that feels great.

Check! –acquire a storage unit

Check! –move some boxes into said storage unit

Check! – finally mail out my Mom’s b-day present

So here is the craft room details-

My brother lived with us for a few months and stayed in our basement. When he moved out I felt inspired to turn the space into a craft room. So that is what I did. Here are some before pictures (kind of boring)


Through that door is a full bath and the laundry room.




The toy room is spilling over from the room next door. The stairs are across from that blanket covered foosball table.

Now I will show you what the room looks like now- almost packed up. I couldn’t find any pictures of the room before packing, when it was in it’s glory. Just try to use your imagination.


(The craft room is also home to, Sage, Ethan’s bearded dragon)

The shelf on the end of the room housed all of my fabrics. It was completely full and organized by color.  Next to it is my sewing table. It went from this-


to this-



My sewing chair was a goodwill purchase- I believe for under $10. The big picture frame was a $4 purchase from a secondhand store. I intend to do something with it someday. The same goes for the gold framed shadow box with velvet liner. It has a makeover in it’s future.

My craft table was made from an old closet door and file cabinets.


This was the closet door before I painted it.

The small file cabinet was a dull grey and I just painted it with an espresso colored spray paint. That was a second-hand store find also. The big file cabinet we had when we moved in and I just spray painted it to try to match the small one.


The glass jars sitting on the table held all of my pencils, markers, scissors, and paint brushes up until a few days ago. On the wall there used to be a set of three prints that I bought with that floral arm chair at a garage sale for about $3 total.



The lamp was a $10 secondhand store find. I love it. The old windows are a project waiting to happen. The wardrobe held all of my photography equipment.

There is a desktop computer sitting on a small desk a little more to the right. It doesn’t get used so I’m not sure why I still have it.

And that is my craft room in a nutshell. Sorry it couldn’t have been prettier for you to see. I will definitely miss it. It’s so nice to have the sewing machine set up and ready to use- but not in the way. I think I’m starting to get really sad about leaving this house. It has been our home for six years and has served it’s purpose well. But I know there are good things to come. I can’t wait to start fresh in a new (to us) house.

I hope you will still be following along to see what the future holds for us. Lots more projects to come- for sure!

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