Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hotel # 3 & Vacationing Styles

We had a very long day yesterday. I would be subjecting you to the loads of pictures I took at Busch Gardens except I can’t because of a couple of unfortunate events.

Reason #1- I took all my pictures with my brand spankin’ new iphone.

Reason #2- Said iphone’s battery died last night.

Reason #3- I left my phone charger at Hotel #1.

Reason #4- My NEW car phone charger stopped working.

On the bright side- My in-laws have generously stopped in Chattanooga on their way down to Florida to pick up my charger. We shall be reunited later today.

Hotel #1- Microtel- Nice. Comfortable. Easy access off highway. Good breakfast.

Hotel #2- Holiday Inn- Okay. A little dingy. Nice location. No Breakfast :(

Hotel #3- Hyatt- Amazing. New. Very clean. Okay location. Great amenities. Awesome breakfast.

Favorite- Hotel #3!!!!





Not the greatest pictures, but I wanted to snap them quick before the boys invaded. They were by the door and foaming at the mouth to take over the place.

Tonight we will be staying at my in-law’s timeshare in Daytona and will remain there for the rest of our vacation. It’s not new or fancy. But it is clean and the location is the BEST. Can’t beat it. Plus it is where everyone else is which makes it the favorite location.

Vacationing styles-

Scott is early to bed and early to rise. He loves getting up early (weird, I know) and working out. He is out by the pool by 9am. He is the first one to bed.

I, however, love to sleep in (a little) and stay up late. I take my time and bum around our room in the morning. Then, I love to stay up late and play rousing games of Euchre, Spades, Golf (the card game), or Dutch Blitz with anyone else still awake.

The kids do a little of both.

It’s a little difficult with our different styles, but we manage. Anyone else have such polar opposite styles of vacationing? Or are we just weird?

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  1. Opposites attract. With 4 kids, I imagine the schedule works so each of you has "me" time. I think "me" time is a requirement to maintain sanity.