Thursday, March 8, 2012

Customize Your Jeans

The flu bug has struck our house. I was beginning to think we had somehow missed out on all of that. Nope. No such luck. We shall see who else succumbs to this plague.

Of course this would happen when I need to be busy packing every day. Time to take a break and lay low for awhile.

This has been a usual sight since getting some new video games for birthday presents.


(Yes…all FOUR of them are playing!)

So I recently found a really cool blog. She mostly does fashion stuff. The blog is cotton&curls and she shows a lot of really neat ways to customize your clothes to fit you. She even shows how to turn a muumuu into a top and skirt, how to shorten your jeans while keeping the original hem, and how to add ruffle sleeves to a dress.

She also shows how to take in your jeans to customize them to your fit. I’ll let her tell you how to do it here.

Here are pictures from my experience-



Turn your pants inside out and put them on. You need to pinch in unpleasant places to mark with a fabric pen where you need to sew to make them smaller.


Here are the end results-


By the way- these pants didn’t used to be skinnies but I made them that way using cotton&curls’ techniques.

If you’ve never sewn before make sure you try it on a junk pair of jeans. I’m going to shop in my own closet and see what else I can refashion!

Try it out too and let me know how it goes!

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