Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Random Updates

1. I am one-third of the way moved out of our house

2. I’m officially stressing out

3. My husband has his eye surgery scheduled for Wednesday- after that- NO GLASSES!

4. I keep crossing things off of my to-do list but I also keep adding things to it

5. I have about seven cardboard cuts on my fingers

6. I am loving this warm weather

7. My boys are obsessed with video games (this is more of an on-going thing)

8. I ate two Reese’s peanut butter eggs 10 minutes ago even though I’m trying to eat good (they jumped into my cart while at Meijer!)

9. I will be showing pictures of the Perry House’s basement tomorrow

10. I turned to the dark side- I got an iPhone 4s



(pictures from my new, amazing, spectacular phone)

I love Instagram. Download the app now if you don’t have it!

Random and weird. That’s how I’m feeling today.

Thanks for looking!

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