Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Updates

1. I love birds. Don’t get me wrong. But I remember why it’s impossible to sleep much longer than the sunrise when it gets warmer.

2. We are heading to Detroit this weekend. Going to a Pistons game tonight and just the boys are going to a Red Wings game tomorrow. The girls will be shopping! First time going to Trader Joes and Home Goods.

3. Scott’s vision is 20/20. He is feeling great and loving the outcome. We all have a hard time looking at his eyes because they are a little red and kind of disgusting.

4. We met with our realtor. Had a great chat, but didn’t make an offer. He says the house can be ours if we want it. But we are taking a couple of weeks to think things over and go over ALL of the options.

5. Last night was our last night in our house. We are hoping to be moved in totally and sleeping at my in-laws by Sunday night.

6. I had frozen yogurt last night and it was very good.

7. I talked to my dad and he isn’t sure what this crazy weather is going to do to his crop this year, but he said it makes him very nervous.

8. I have been cutting back on carbs and drinking more water (and less lattes). I see a noticeable difference in my waistline.

9. I still don’t have one single room completely empty in my house. But a LOT of them are close.

10. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thanks for looking.

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