Thursday, March 22, 2012

Second Hand Stores are dangerous

I have a problem. I can admit it. I love the thrill of the search at second hand stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and many, many others.

I went on a mission to look for baseball cleats for my ever-growing like a weed eleven year old. At the first store I fell in love. I couldn’t help myself.

I got these. They fit perfectly and I’ve been wanting to get a pair for awhile now. $2!!


Ha ha. The filter I used in Instagram makes me look like I have really white ankles!

I have another weakness. I am attracted to cute small chairs. I know, I know. What am I thinking, right? Why would I buy another piece of furniture when I’m trying to empty all our STUFF out of our house. But it already has a home at my in-laws.

Here’s what it looks like- $15


Isn’t it cute? This is a slipcover. So, when I’m ready, I can use this as a pattern to make something new. Even though this is nice it isn’t in colors I would want.

I’ve had trouble leaving a second hand store empty handed lately. And I didn’t even find any cleats. Then I called my husband and he had already found some earlier in the day. What?! I did all that shopping for nothing. But I’m glad I did because I found some good deals. And it gave me a break from constant packing, packing, packing.

What do you think? You guys have any similar problems? Or am I alone in this?


  1. Yes, you know I have similar problems...the shoes are cute though!

    1. Thanks Trace. I actually found a pair that would have been right up your alley. Brown, laces, high heel....

  2. Yes...I can't leave without finding at least ONE good deal!! Last Goodwill trip, I came home with 2 things that I don't think will actually even fit me after all. But they were such good deals!! I would LOVE to join you and your posse sometime while thrifting. How fun!

    1. Yes, you have to find at least one. I do that too! Take it home because it is such a great deal and try it on later!
      We'd love to have you join us :)