Monday, March 5, 2012

“Move”ing Forward

Now that the weekend is done and the party (food was great except red velvet cake- my fault) is over- it is time to begin. Time to begin the long and grueling process of moving. I have a date set. We need to be done by March 23. We will be in Detroit the weekend of the 23rd because we are going to a Pistons game and shopping at IKEA (Yay!). When we get back we will be leaving Wednesday, March 28, for Florida.

The official date to be out of the house is April 16. But I don’t want to spend my entire vacation worrying about what we have to do when we get back. It’s not very much time when you think about moving an entire house’s contents. That is why I have to begin today.

First on the agenda- Packing for Florida. Once that is out of the way I can decide on what clothes I will pack in storage and what clothes I will bring with us when we move next door to my in-laws for the next six to eight months.

It’s exhausting to think about. My sis-in-law, Anne, has been great helping me get jump-started. She is an awesome motivator- Thanks Anne!


For those that have a Digital SLR, you have the ability to control a lot of options manually. For example- the ISO sensitivity, the aperature, the shutter speed, the white balance, and lots of other things; even the focus can be done manually.

Well, I always struggle with the auto setting for white balance on my camera. It doesn’t always accurately read the lighting correctly. You have the choice to customize the white balance.

Not so long ago I discovered an awesome online store- Photojojo.

They have lots of cute stuff and nice gift ideas for those interested in photos or taking photos. I found a product there that can help with white balance. It is so very simple. It’s a lens cap to replace the one that came with your lens. You just order the size of the one you’re currently using.



I received it recently as a gift and instantly fell in love. All you need to do is change your white balance settings and take a picture with your cap on. The little white ball reads the lighting for you. Then take off the cap and take your picture.

Here is a before and after I did recently. The first is using the auto white balance setting. The second I used my cap to “read” the lighting for me.


This is my sis-in-law, Kristen. Isn’t she so pretty?! I was snapping away while she was listening to someone talking. Can you see the difference in the coloring? The second is much better- and not just because she is smiling!

And check out that knitted thing around her neck. Isn’t that cute? She made me want to go get some chunky yarn and make one. It is a completely knitted circle. And it’s wide enough to pull over her head like a hood and still have it around her neck. So awesome!

*sigh* If only I wasn’t going to be packing for the next three weeks.

What are some of your best tips for moving- especially if the majority of the items are going into storage?

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