Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest Project-Making a Spoon Ring

I saw this Pin on Pinterest a short while back and had to add it to my boards. I had been wanting to make a spoon ring for some time. There was an art fair in town last summer that had a booth with two women displaying spoon rings. They had all different sorts of designs and sizes and they had made them all. I had to try it.

So when I was camping in Pentwater at the end of the summer, I picked up some antique silverware from the local antique store.

I made a few mistakes along the way which may help any of you wishing to make these also.

Here is the original tutorial that I followed.

I found out halfway through the process, that my silverware was NOT real silver. I should have known because it did not contain any numbers on it. If it was real sterling silver it would have a number denoting the percentage.


And it should have been a lot easier to bend. It was not easy.

I used my trusty Dremel tool to cut off the end of the spoon.



Then I bought a butane torch at Lowes. It was around $15. I was a little nervous about operating it on my own. But I quickly figured it out and got comfortable with it.


Like I said, this process didn’t go too smoothly. I eventually had to get a hammer. I was using a wooden dowel to wrap it around to get the shape.


Here is the end product-



It looks better on than off!

I will be looking for some sterling silver pieces so I can try this again. Hopefully with more ease next time.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Cute! You could make a bunch and sell them... Hm. I have my grandmas antique silverware.. Would it be horrible to make a ring out of one? Kelli

    1. If you have a whole set, I would say no. But just a few pieces-yes. It be a great way to reuse it!

  2. Fun! :)
    Maybe there might be some SS cutlery tomorrow?