Friday, February 3, 2012

Forever Farm Girl

I grew up on a fruit farm. The Plummer fruit farm. That’s my maiden name. That’s what inspired the name of my blog. Did you know that? My dad still lives in the house I grew up in. He still runs the farm. I haven’t been there since the middle of December.


This is one of my favorite photos of the farm- ever. I’m not even in it. I don’t think I was born yet. My mom is the one with her hand on her hip and red gloves on. The two little girls are my sisters. Look at all those plums in the crate!

What is really strange is I have a dog right now that looks a lot like the one in that picture.


Crazy, huh? His name is Oliver.

Two weeks until we go to the farm (home) for a visit. Not soon enough for me.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I teared up when I read this, I'm not sure why. Love the post.