Thursday, February 2, 2012

Realtor Meeting & Old Makeover

Yesterday we met with the realtor we are working with. He came over to look at the house to get a feel for it. Let’s just say Scott and I were in a frantic rush to get it cleaned up. Some rooms were immaculate, others…..not so much. (toy room!)

He didn’t give us a price yet, but he is going to look at the area to get a better idea of what houses are selling for. We also went over the property lines of the house we want to buy. It’s a builder that owns it and he has tried to divide it up to get more homes built out of the area. The property line cuts the backyard pretty short. So the realtor is meeting with the builder today to show him what we propose.

The realtor told us there has been a LOT of interest in the house we want. That just makes my stomach hurt. But I need to trust God that it will happen if it’s meant to be. Right? Right! I need to keep praying about that one.

So, I thought I would show a makeover I did a while back.

I wanted a nice wood locker system like I had seen in the pages of Pottery Barn. But that was too expensive of an option and I didn’t know the first thing about wood-working/building back then. (not that I know a whole lot now).

I took a trip to our local Restore and found two sets of lockers. They were both in rough shape but one looked better and a little promising- $40


I cleaned them up the best I could. Wiped them down and swept them out. Then I covered the handles and the number plates with tape. I bought some green glossy spray paint ($5) and sprayed away.

This is how they look now- My kids love them and so do I!


(this is what the floors looked like before ripping up the carpet but after painting the burgundy trim in our entry room)

I will share more news of the house selling process as it happens!

Thanks for looking Smile


  1. I LOVE this...I have yet to visit our Restore, but I'm dying to do it soon! You may have just pushed me over the edge. :)