Friday, February 10, 2012

Treasured Photos & An Offer

We got an offer on our house. It is a low offer. Scott and I are still talking about what we are going to do. This is feeling so much more real…..and a little scary…..and fast.

Are you taking time to get great photos of your family? I know I am guilty of not taking the time to do this. Which is a crime considering I am a photographer. We take so many pictures when our kids are babies. And then there is always special occasions- Christmas, birthday parties, special trips……

I want to get more random, spontaneous shots. Shots that are taken when they aren’t aware that a camera is pointed at them.

One of the most treasured photos I have from my childhood is this one-


Yes, that is me. It’s not a treasured photo because it’s ultra flattering to me (as you can see), but because my dad took it while I was sleeping. He came into each of our rooms and took a picture of me and my siblings while we slept one night. What a unique view to remember. I love looking at it and thinking about how he took the time to do it.

Are you doing it? Take the time to take a photo of your kids or spouse when they are least expecting it. Maybe even while they are sleeping.

You’ll have to wait until Monday for more house news!

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