Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion, Football, & House News

I did some shopping at second-hand stores this last weekend. My posse and I (translation- my mom-in-law and sis-in-law) went to a local Salvation Army. NOT the one here in Holland. That Salvation Army is not worth visiting (sorry, but true). We went to the Salvation Army in Grand Rapids on 28th Street. That one is awesome!

I got some great deals. I picked up a few blazers, a couple of tops, and a pair of black flats. I wore one of the blazers to church the next day. Love it!

As you can tell, I need a full length mirror-


(excuse the mess, please)

Since we are talking fashion, this is what a certain someone wore for the superbowl party the same day-


I think it’s a little small for him Winking smile.

And house news- We signed the papers (seller’s agreement) with our realtor on Tuesday. He was planning on coming on Wednesday to put the sign up and take pictures. He left a message for me Wednesday morning to let me know he was coming AND bringing someone that was interested in seeing it! WHAT?! Awesome. But I.was.freaking.out. I made a mad dash to clear all countertops, dresser tops, tables, and anything else to reduce clutter. Our garage is a disaster so I tried to do the best I could to make it look presentable. We barely made it out of the house before it was time for them to come.

My realtor called me later to say they really liked it. They wanted to see it again at 5pm and bring their family to see it. He said he expects them to make an offer.

Are you kidding me? The sign isn’t even in the yard. We just signed the papers Tuesday. TWO DAYS. Sorry, I’m counting my chicks before they hatch. But wow.

I will keep you updated as things happen.


  1. Three things:
    - I am not sure I have ever been part of a posse! I like it. :)
    - Did Scott want to remain anonymous in that photo?
    - And WOW! I think A and I will be over later to catch up on the news. :)

    1. I chopped off his head and didn't put his name just in case he was unhappy with it. I didn't ask before I put it in so I thought I would be safe :)
      Come on over!