Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Painted Ceiling & Doors

Like I’ve stated before, my bro-in-law generously helped us put recessed lighting in our kitchen and living room. After the project was done, our ceiling was a mess. Dirty fingerprints and pencil lines were all over. I tried wiping it off with a cloth. This only made it MUCH worse. It has stayed that way the last year. Then we got some prompting to get it cleaned up. (putting our house up for sale for those who don’t know)

This is what it was-


And at some point I had tried to do some touch-ups, but with the wrong finish of paint. I needed flat and was using semi-gloss.


And I did it in the dining room-


So here it is now-


It’s hard to tell in pictures, but what a difference it makes! And I touched up that spot in the dining room too.

This stuff was great because it went on purple so you could see where you had painted and dried to a bright white.

And in the living room is the front door to our house with a closet next to it. Both of those doors were a bright red on the interior side. It made it a very dark little corner. With a little white paint and new hardware (the closet I just spray-painted the handle) it is transformed. It looks so fresh and bright. Love it!


Almost done with all the projects. I know, I keep saying that but it is really true. Just finished the bathroom projects and will get those pictures taken today. Stay tuned!

Anyone else getting some long-awaited projects done?!

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