Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Patch

My husband thought up that title. He thinks he’s pretty clever.

In our kitchen, we used to have a fluorescent light in the middle of the ceiling. You can find out what I think about fluorescent lighting here.

Once again, I’m wishing I would have taken some before pictures when we first moved in. But with my lack of patience and all…it didn’t happen. I will share more of the big overall changes we did in our kitchen coming up soon.

But first, we removed the fluorescent light and put in a ceiling mounted light right after moving in. That recently got relocated when we put in recessed lighting. This is what it has looked like for quite awhile-


I actually kind of got used to the hole. But I figured it might be a deterrent for potential homebuyers looking at our house……just maybe.

So we bought some 4’x4’ drywall at Menards here in town. They have scrap pieces that are outside by the lumberyard for only $1 each. Can’t beat that.

We cut a square to fit the hole.


And I just happened to have some drywall screws laying around. (I actually did).


I didn’t get pictures of this step (got a little anxious) but I screwed right through the drywall and into the wood that was there.

Then we used some self-adhesive drywall tape on the cracks-


And some of this stuff-


Spread on with this thing-


And this is what we got-


So we sanded it with one of these- (once it was dry)


And it still wasn’t quite right. So we did another coat of joint compound and sanded it again when it was dry. Then painted!


You can definitely tell there used to be a hole there. I’m not sure how to get a completely perfect look. But we aren’t looking for perfection. It looks waaaaayy better than it did! And we did it for pretty cheap.

Bubbye hole. I can honestly say I don’t miss it.

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