Friday, January 27, 2012

Fireplace Finale

Does anybody else have spring fever around here or is it just me? This has been the warmest January in Michigan I can ever remember. We are meant to be going tubing this weekend. With what snow?!

I’m having thoughts of this-DSCN2644

and this-


and this-


and anxious for spring break.


So, I finally finished that troublesome fireplace. Went to Menards (or as my youngest, JJ, calls it- Nards) and picked up this stuff-


The consistency was much easier to spread and so much better to work with. I used a 2 inch putty knife and my fingers. Let me warn you- this stuff dries out the skin like nobody’s business. Here it is all finished-


Two other projects are already completed- meet me back here next week to here about them.

Anybody else out there come down with an early case of spring fever?

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