Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Door Handle Discount

I painted the outsides of our front doors a couple of months ago.

From this-


(see the painters tape? almost forgot before photo)

To this-


As you can see, I spray-painted my door handles at the same time. I followed the same steps Young House Love used. But my results were less than ideal. I’m sure it was something I did and not their tutorial. My brass handles were very shiny and newer. I tried to rough them up a bit, but these were the results.


Every time we used them they looked worse. It was more than a little annoying.

Last week I was at Menards getting supplies for all the projects I have planned. When I ran across these-


They were $25 each! On clearance because they are going to be discontinued. And lucky me- I found 2 with the same code! (which means you can use the same key for both). But I needed 3. There was two more with different codes on each. A Menards associate said he could change the locks on the third so they could all match. How exciting is that?!

Until I get home and realize there is handles for left-handed doors and handles for right-handed doors. Two of the three I got were handles for left-handed doors. Sad smile

But for $25- I made it work!


Select few will know I put a Left-handed handle on a Right-handed door. Well…..besides all of you.

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