Monday, January 30, 2012

Quarter Round & Birthday Wishes

We did not have any quarter round moulding down in either of our hallways. What is quarter round molding you ask? It is this-


and it is used to help your baseboards have that finished look.

In our back hallway, previous owners had laid carpet over the original hardwood floors.(what were they thinking?!) The owners before us ripped up the carpet, but didn’t do a very complete job of it. There was still some carpet fibers stuck to the trim. The paint was peeling in places and there was old glue everywhere.


So I bought some quarter round moulding, measured the walls, cut it, nailed it down, caulked and painted. We went from this-


to this-


(sorry, I think there is some dust on my lensSad smile)

Much better, right? It just makes it look so much more polished. The 45 degree cuts were a little tricky, but matched up for the most part.

Another project done, check!

Yesterday was my little tough guy’s birthday. He is the rough and tumble boy of the group. Loves to get dirty, wrestle, and be just plain rambunxious!

We had fun this weekend celebrating with family.


Happy Birthday Noah Dean!

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