Thursday, January 19, 2012

Light switcheroo

 We have two hallways on the main floor of our house. One leads from our entry room to the kitchen/dining room. And the other has all of our bedrooms off of it. We had a slight problem with the light fixtures in those hallways. One light fixture I bought I didn’t put too much planning  into it.

Every time you opened the closet door..
…it would bump into it.
In the back hallway, there was this ugly fluorescent light. I absolutely do not like fluorescent lighting. So very unnatural and unflattering (in my opinion).
I had a similar light like the first one pictured above (but shorter) that I had taken down from my kitchen when my very generous brother-in-law helped us put in recessed lighting. This is where it was.
(This is another project on the to-do list, by the way- PATCH THE HOLE)
So we took the shorter light fixture and put it by the closet- and moved the one hanging down to the hallway by our bedrooms.

Problem fixed! Fluorescent light gone! And zero $ spent. On with the next project.

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