Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Total Kitchen Makeover- Part 2

If you missed Part 1- be sure to check it out.

I forgot to talk about one section yesterday. In this picture-


That pendant light you see hangs above the sink. What used to be there was un ugly ceiling mounted light. But you couldn’t see it because there was a wood scalloped piece of trim that went across from cabinet to cabinet. You know the one, they are always in older homes and help to date (or outdate) your home. I took ours down, sanded the ceiling and painted over the spot. Then switched out the lighting. Much better.

Now on to the countertops. Even after the doors were painted and put back on, we lived with our ugly countertops. For a while. I used to stalk the aisles of home improvement stores and dream about new countertops. I thought it would be so expensive. Until I discovered these at Menards.


These tiles come stocked right in the store. I had done some tiling before and felt confident enough to tackle this. I picked the color I wanted and got the supplies that the project required. I’d ask the helpful associates at Menards whenever I wasn’t sure of something. We rented a tile saw and went to work.

The 12x12 tiles went on the countertop and the 6x6 tiles went on the backsplash.


I laid it out first to measure how much I needed to cut off the one tile. Menards had rounded edge pieces and corner pieces to match. So I had to take those into account when measuring.


It was so awesome to see when it all started coming together.



Those two outlets were added before tiling. Previously there had been no outlets along the wall there. My bro-in-law, Brian, helped me out with that. He’s got mad skills when it comes to wiring.

The wall behind the stove and fridge was a mess. So I bought some bead board paneling, cut it to fit, nailed and glued it up, and painted it to match the cabinets. I then carried the bead board paneling around the entire dining room and down the hall. What can I say? I love the stuff! I love the way it looks. We have it in our bathroom too (pictures soon to come).

So here is our completed kitchen-


Ready for some buyers!

And here is the adjoining dining room-


The table and chairs was a gift from my dad. The hutch I got on sale at Cottage Corner in downtown Holland. The chandelier I got on clearance at Target. It had been part of their Bazaar stuff they put out seasonally.

That’s it. More of the house to come as it gets finished!