Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Other Weekend Activities

I thought I would share what else went on this weekend.
My sister, Tracey, came into town on Thursday.
This is an old picture of me and Tracey. She is checking out the cherries and I apparently think something is hilarious.
She stayed 2 nights at my house. My boys thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. We “actually had a lot of fun” together. (inside joke). We did some second-hand store shopping, watched movies, and ate lots of good food.
And she’s absolutely beautiful. She just hasn’t figured that out yet. I didn’t take any pictures of us together while she was here (shame on me) so I stole this off her facebook.
I also turned her onto Pinterest. She is now as addicted as I am.
We tried to open a geode she bought in Arizona. She is big into rocks and things like that.
We tried to use my trusty Dremel tool without much success. It made a small dent in it.
If you couldn’t tell from the picture, my boys were soooo into this.
So Tracey just took a hammer and whacked away at it. She was pretty disappointed because there was very little crystals inside. Only a small place where it was hollow and sparkly.
Oh well. We had fun.
She also got to watch me perform 5 haircuts. It was long overdue. My boys were shaggy rugrats (except Scott).
Can you see 5 different colors all lined up?
Is it disgusting that I posted this picture?
And yes, that is in my kitchen.
Anyone want to come over for dinner?
There is no 5-second rule in my house. It goes in the garbage.
Come back tomorrow for pictures of my living room and an easy chair update.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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