Monday, February 13, 2012


Yes, that’s right. This news is worthy of an all caps title. You remember we got an offer on our house last Friday. It was a low offer. So we countered Friday night, only budging a little on our asking price. Our realtor called Saturday morning.

They accepted.


Yes, that’s right. We never even had a sign in our yard, that’s how fast it happened. (I stole this one off the internet).

So, nothing is official yet. No papers have been signed. We will be meeting with our realtor today to go over all those details.

I may be making this announcement prematurely, but we are definitely on our way.

On another note- winter decided to return with a vengeance this weekend! brrrrrrrr!


I promised pictures of the rest of the house. Don’t worry, I will deliver before we’re outta here! And I will explain where we will be living once all is said and done.

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