Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bathroom & House News

Our bathroom had been recently updated when we moved in. I loved it. Loved the bead board and the style. So we haven’t had to do much to it. I did re-caulk the tub and around the trim. The bad part of bead board is where it meets up with the trim around the floor. Dust settles in the little grooves and makes it quite difficult to get clean. Once I caulked along the top of the trim, it was great.

Here are some pictures for you-



Yes, people, I’ve had to share this bathroom with my husband and multiple little boys for six years. We have a second bathroom but it is, inconveniently, located in the basement and rarely gets used.

I am ready for more SPACE!


To keep you updated on house happenings- We signed the papers to agree on the selling price of our house. Everything is hinging on the inspection of our house that is yet to happen. Our realtor will notify us when the buyers have set it up. For now- we wait.

We have to be out of our house by April 16. Did I mention we will be on vacation from April 1st thru the 8th? I am already stressing.

More on our future living plans tomorrow.

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  1. You're killing me making me wait on news on your next house. Saw the pic on one of your posts. Can't wait to hear more!! :)