Monday, May 14, 2012

Wet & Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was crazy busy but filled with great family time. We had everyone in town for the big parade and a cookout afterwards. Even my brother Nate came down for the festivities.

The weekend started with putting down the huge tarp to save out seats for the parade the next day. It’s pretty funny to see the stares as we do this. I heard one lady say, “Boy, they take this parade pretty serious”.

Even the boys helped.


We had a Little League game we had to get out of the way before heading downtown for the parade on Saturday morning.


They mean business!

And everything was perfect until it started to rain.



This is where all the little ones hid to get away from the rain.


Yes, that is one humongous chair. He got lots of comments from people- even people going by in the parade!

We got pretty soaked but had a good time. It was nice to return home and change into dry clothes, eat some very yummy food and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Yesterday I got some homemade Mother’s Day cards from my boys and Co-Co even made me a beaded necklace which I proudly wore all day.

I heard back from my realtor but have nothing new to report. Hopefully some things are going to start happening this week. I think I get to go pick out the wood flooring I like- Yay!

Is wood flooring worth the price? Or is laminate just as good? I know what I like but I would like to hear what you guys think or have experienced and the reasons behind them. Let me know!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and you mothers got a little pampering!