Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Time Last Year

I thought it would be interesting to find a picture from around this timeframe last year.

This is what I found-


It is crazy to see how much the boys have changed in just one year! We all have. I dropped a little bit of weight. Cole has grown some teeth and grown in height. Noah has thinned out a little. Ethan has less chubby to his cheeks now and is starting to fill out into a teenager. Jayce has grown a lot and his hair isn’t so blonde anymore.


My brother, Nate, took this picture for us when we were at my dad’s for Memorial weekend. We always go up and have a cookout on Monday.

We can’t do that this year. Ethan has a baseball tournament for most of the weekend. It is an hour south. My dad lives an hour north of us. We won’t feel like traveling all that way once the tournament is over.

I was a little resentful at first.

But it has worked out for the better. My sister and nephew are coming to Shelby the following weekend. So we are planning the cookout for that Sunday. Yay! I haven’t seen my nephew in at least two years.


He’s grown up so much since I’ve seen him last.

Time is fleeting.

So cliché, but so true.

I snapped this picture the other day when I was coming out of swimming lessons.

I love the trees that look chippy and peeling like that. But I love that beautiful sunshine even more. Looks like we will have a lot of it for this weekend. Are you making big plans?

I think I will have to break out the slip’n’slide!

I’m going to an estate sale today. I’ll snap some pictures of all the goodies for you. Have a great day!

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