Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Property Line Pow-Wow

We met with our realtor at the Perry House yesterday. Yay!!!!


Behind the house looking toward it


Behind the house looking toward the cemetery


Looking at the new house being built next door

It went great. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but there is a possibility to have even more land than we thought possible.

For those that don’t know- We are trying to buy a house (that is being rented and won’t be available for the next who-knows-how-many months) from a builder and we needed to decide on the back property line before finalizing anything.

I did a mock-up of the property in Photoshop so you guys can get a clearer picture of what is going on. It is by no means accurate in measurement but just a guideline. Please excuse it’s crude nature.

These were the property lines when we first looked at the house.


We weren’t crazy about it because the back property line cut part of the shed off. We weren’t sure if we wanted to keep the shed but we at least wanted the option available.

So, last week I suggested a different setup of the way the property is divided up. When we met yesterday we started discussing those changes.

It looked like this-


I liked the idea of having more property behind us. I love the nice flat area that extends to 106th Avenue and hate to lose it. But I would rather my kids be playing in the back of the house than along the road.

Then our realtor told us there is someone interested in the lot next to the cemetery. They would like a little more room to the lot than there is. So I suggested there be only two lots and we pay a little more (as in $25,000 more) to get more property. This would be a dream come true. We would have more room than I ever dreamed possible. Our realtor said the builder may be open to this idea, but he needs to meet with him to talk about it.


I cannot even believe how awesome this would be!

We would be mortgaging a higher amount and so in return we would have the builder do less work on the house than we talked about. We would be doing more of the work ourselves. Which is okay with me. Scott, on the other hand, not as happy about it I’m sure.

So that is the latest news. Hope my handy-dandy diagrams helped you to visualize what I’m talking about.  As soon as I hear anything more I will let you know!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Ohh Ang, that would be awesome! Yes, the diagrams were very helpful. You would have a ton of land which would be so much fun for your boys! Keep us updated!