Monday, May 21, 2012

Light Tent

I made a light tent. This idea came from the book I mentioned on Friday. It was oh so simple and I made it using things I had on hand.

I took a big box and cut square openings in three sides. Then I covered those openings with wax paper. I had some leftover bead board paneling that was almost a perfect size already. I lined the bottom of the box with the paneling. I turned the box on it’s side and took some unused laminate flooring to put along the only full cardboard side.

Here is how it looked-



The light tent would be used to take pictures of smaller things. This is not something I do a lot of, but since it was free to make I thought- why not? And I can use it to take any pictures of crafts I want to show you and they’ll come out beautifully.

Here is how my beautiful water bottle subject looked in the middle of making the light tent.


By the time I was done with the tent it was late. But the boys were excited about taking some pictures with it so they set up some army men. The lighting and color does not look great because it was dark out.




And here are some shots I did the next day- in daylight- with a prettier subject.



The lighting is so wonderful inside the box. I wish I could fit people in there to take pictures of- that is my favorite thing to photograph.

That’s an interesting idea…..hhmmmm…

Here is the picture after playing in Photoshop-

018 copy

Cheesy- I know. But I like it.

Some things will be happening concerning the house this week- stay tuned!!

p.s. Has anyone watched The Vow? I was pretty disappointed in the ending :( But definitely worth watching!


  1. I am a young photographer on a very tight bugget who needed this..thank you so much for posting it <3 I am very much grateful