Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kids & Cameras Collide

My kids are constantly wanting my phone or my camera to take pictures with while we are out and about. I usually have both with me at all times. Most of the time I let them have a go. You never know what kind of images you will get.

Usually I end up having to delete multiple pictures of the same thing. But sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

Here is some of their handiwork-

These are the self portraits and extreme close-ups

001june202011 082600IMG_0009IMG_0485210245june202011 102096093

These are the strange shots-

612june202011 248010IMG_0011IMG_0606


Here are the rear end pictures?! Yes, I have boys.



Here are the blurry shots- lots of these!



These are the carefully constructed shots of their beloved stuffed animals. I delete 90% of these-


And one bonus of them taking the pictures is that I actually get IN the shot once in awhile. Unfortunately….they aren’t always so flattering.


There you have it. I think it is pretty neat to let them explore photography and see what they come up with. They have a different point of view and angle than I could ever come up with. I’m just happy it is something that interests them.

What do you think? Do you let your kids have a try behind the lens? If not- you should. It might give you a new perspective.

Tomorrow is a look at a bracelet I made recently.

Thanks for looking!

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