Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mate Rhymes with Eight

Strange title, I know. But that was part of a rhyme my husband made up to help him remember our wedding date. It was even longer than that, but I won’t divulge it all here. Today is our 13th wedding anniversary.


Sorry, not the best quality. I had to dig to find this picture. I don’t have access to all our pictures since most are packed away in storage.

I recently had to go digging for a picture for Ethan to bring to school. It had to be of him when he was between nine months and two years of age. Luckily, we found one.

I was going through some of the old photos we have here on hand last night. It was fun traveling down memory lane. I love looking at how everyone has changed so much. Look at us, for instance-


This is from when we were dating. Crazy, huh?

Cole, my second oldest, was looking over my shoulder and said, “You look so different”. I asked him what looked so different and he said my head used to be smaller. Interesting.

Thirteen years has brought us lots of adventures and challenges.


Plus four beautiful boys. I’m glad he has been able to put up with me for this long. I am blessed indeed.


Love you babe. Happy Anniversary.


  1. Happy anniversary from all of us!
    Haha Cole! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of happiness!
    ~Jen Borg

  3. Happy anniversary!
    I remember your wedding. I can't believe how young I was when you got married.
    I also can't believe how young you both look in some of those pictures. Hope you had a great day! :)