Friday, May 11, 2012

10 Friday Updates

1. My JJ has been such a sweetie lately. Throughout the day regularly saying, “I like you mom”.
2. There is a huge estate sale in GR today but I don’t have the energy or money to go to it. Sad.
3. We have been living and breathing baseball and softball lately and we will be until the end of June.
4. I have about 400 shows to catch up with on the DVR but no time to do it. Maybe I just won’t.
5. Ethan needed a picture for display at his school. It had to be between 9months and 2 years. I found a cute one but should have used this one except for the fact that he is 3 years old.

6. Sometimes I think I might want another baby. And then I think again.
7. My husband smells each of his socks when taking them off at night. Not just one to see if they stink- both. Weird and disgusting.
8. I am unable to function properly without caffeine in my system. It has gotten out of control.
9. I am on Day 19 of the 60 day Insanity program. I can feel a difference everywhere even though the tape measure is a liar and says there is no difference.
10. I am going to be absolutely obnoxious to my realtor today and leave him a dozen messages…..not really. He’s too nice, I can’t. But I am going to hope for a response :)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. #7 is absolutely delightful!

    #6 I know...

  2. I'll be sure to tell Scott you thought so :)
    #6- Does the feeling ever go away?