Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of May Updates

1. I talked to our realtor yesterday. He said the extra lot is ours!! Yaaaaaaayy! He even offered the remaining lot to us if these people aren’t interested that are looking at it. wow. So very excited.


2. A new season of HGTV Design Star just started this past Tuesday. I haven’t watched it yet but can’t wait! It is definitely my guilty pleasure of the summer. I like to pick a few of my favorites from the first show and see how far they go.


3. Right now I am reading  two books- The Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron and Debt-Proof Living by Mary Hunt. Because, you know, I have so much time on my hands.

4. It feels like summer has already started because the boys are at each others’ throats already and driving me crazy. So, on a recent trip to Wal-Mart I made an impulse buy. Something that makes me feel good and helps to calm me. It may seem like a waste of money to some, but it will help to keep my sanity. Sharpie markers and drawing pencils.


4. I went to my Chiropractor yesterday. I started listing all my ailments to him so he could know where to work. They included irritability, feeling lazy, tired, and extra sensitive among other things. I started realizing no amount of adjustments was going to be a magic cure-all. I need to take responsibility for myself and make some changes. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

5. We are going to my dad’s house this weekend. It has been way too long and I am beyond thrilled. I plan to do some digging in the barn and around the property. We’ll see what I find.


Have a great day everyone! Get outside and enjoy this weather. High 60’s to Mid 70’s is my favorite temperature range. Love it!

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  1. Yippee, so excited for you all! I want to hear more details. :)
    Design Star date soon?