Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Project- Beaded Bracelet

I went shopping on Sunday as a Mother’s Day present to myself. Target and Michaels. Two awesome stores where I could spend half a day….if not more.

I remembered seeing a tutorial on Pinterest of a cute little bracelet that I wanted to make. So I decided to pick up the materials while on my spontaneous shopping trip.

Here is the tutorial I followed-

I did not use Irish linen and whatever else it called for. I found some colored hemp and beads and used those. For attaching the beads to the hemp- I just used a needle and regular thread.


I found a square cardboard cutout and used that to attach my bracelet to while I worked. The lone button was used for closure.


It was relatively easy to make but I used some smaller beads so it was a little tedious.


Here is a shot when I was almost all the way through. It was getting darker out so sorry for the picture quality.


This is when I was finished and attaching the button to the end. There is a loop on the other end to close over the button.


Here is how it looks on.


It was a fun little couple hour project. It only took me that long because I went to softball practice in the middle of it. My oldest son saw it when it was finished and wanted me to make him one too. So I did. I used the bigger beads and it went much faster.


So very simple. Try it. You might even have most of the supplies laying around your house.

Have you tried a project from Pinterest recently? Maybe a recipe? Tell me about it- I’d love to hear from you!


  1. It looks great. You might have to go into production. :)
    I never really try any projects, except for recipes. (I need to change that). Tonight we are eating vegetable enchiladas and they smell yummy.

  2. I kind of already am- the other boys want one too :)
    oooohhh- yum!