Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Good Things Tarnished Forever

I have a sad little story for you……yes, I’m still stalling.

Remember how we had that torturous  two-day affair called a garage sale? Well, the second day my sis-in-law, Anne, showed up in the morning with her slow cooker and a huge roast. She informed us that she was supplying supper for everyone that night. Who would argue with that?!

All day long we were enticed by the beautiful aromas wafting from the house. She put the roast in the slow cooker with some onions, garlic, beef broth and other beautiful things. I’m not even sure what, but it smelled divine.

Anne didn’t give me the recipe, but I believe it was something like this. After our labor intensive wrap-up to the sale, we were famished. We prepared all the toppings to go along with these delicious shredded beef tacos- guacamole, cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc.

Now, I have to interject and tell a background story.

A couple weeks ago I was slowly browsing the aisles of Meijer, taking full advantage of my kid-less trip. I was feeling so good I stopped to smell some of their candles. I found some citrusy smells and I thought how appropriate that was for the spring season. After smelling each at least three times I decided on Lime. It smelled so clean and fresh. I bought the smaller size that was only $2.


I proceeded to bring it home and set it on the dining room table on a little dish. My pyro of a son, Noah, asked to light this candle at least once a day.

Back to the first story. Anyone see where this is headed?

With the slow cooker on the dining room table along with all the toppings, we dug in. And it was wonderful!


I made myself one BIG taco and headed back to the table for a second one.

My bro-in-law had beat me there and was digging in the pot with the spoon. Then he pulled up something surprising- a melted blob of a lime candle.

It took awhile but we finally put it together. The hot lid of the slow cooker had been placed on top of the candle. When the lid was replaced, the candle was stuck to it and went unnoticed and dropped into the pot.

Dave and I tried to take a taste of the meat thinking it might not be so bad. I almost lost my first taco. We tried everything we could think of to salvage the meat. We drained it, rinsed it, fried it and even tried to recook it in the CLEAN slow cooker. No such luck. The meat had an awful perfume taste to it.

The candle had the same fate. Noah tried to light it later that day, but it wouldn’t stay lit. I was glad. I didn’t want to smell what I had just tasted.

Poor Anne. All that hard work to end in that way.

I don’t think I will be able to buy a Lime candle again. But hopefully I can eat shredded beef tacos one day.


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