Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Updates

1. I haven’t heard anything from my realtor yet.:/

2. I’m getting bored with my hair. Someone come over and confiscate my scissors- please.

3. I made this for supper yesterday. Got it from Pinterest. It was pretty good but I used regular cream of mushroom soup and added in garlic and I didn’t have enough sour cream. Served it with rice. Super easy.



4. We have a baseball or softball game every night this week. Two nights are double booked with games!

5. This is what my 3-year old thinks is Sunday afternoon entertainment. Stack toys on sleeping victims.


Disguises have been made to protect the innocent

6. We have a homeschool track & field day today. The boys are pumped!

7. This kid cracks me up everyday- without fail.


Look at those sparkling clean fingernails


His face is always dirty

8. I made Scott and the boys watch some episodes of Duck Dynasty with me last night. They are officially hooked. (Well, Ethan is anyway)

9. I’m absolutely hating my Insanity workouts right now.

10. If you don’t have a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens or need to renew your subscription- check Here. It’s an amazing price at 50 cents an issue. I love mine!

Happy Hump Day! 9 days of school left and counting!!!

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