Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interesting Estate Sale

My posse and I went to an estate sale last week Thursday. It was about a half hour away in North Muskegon. I had seen the pictures online and thought it looked good.

The homeowner had been an owner of a few McDonald’s in the area. It was a beautiful home in an even more beautiful neighborhood.

She had lots of McDonald’s Happy Meal display cases and toys. Even all the old glasses you could purchase at McDonald’s. It was fun to look at. My favorite part is seeing the inside of people’s homes though…:)

She had some beautiful pieces. One piece I came looking for was this-


But, sadly, it had sold the day before.

I really liked this cedar chest- but didn’t need it.


I instantly fell in love with this piece-


But it was a little pricey. $895.00. Then I discovered everything was 1/3 off.

hhmmm…tempting…but still too much to store my fabrics in for my craft room.

Then I saw this-


It was huge. Massive! With a price tag to match. $850. But with 1/3 off. Then I learned everything was going to be 1/2 off at 2:30pm. It was around 11am. We couldn’t wait around because we had to get my mom-in-law back. But I was thinking about going back for it.

But I didn’t.

I just bought these for about $2-


Old, busted up clay pots- why not?!

Oh, and the boys found some little McD’s magnifying glasses and JJ got a bag of little toys.

The boys have had fun burning bugs and leaves with their magnifying glasses. Hey- anything that keeps them occupied and outdoors! Ha!

I’m excited to see what is in store as far as estate sales this summer. Bring ‘em on !

Thanks for looking.

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