Monday, October 1, 2012

My Four Year Old


Today is my youngest boy’s birthday. He is four and very proud of it. He’s actually been saying he was four for some time. The little girl across the street turned four a few months ago. He couldn’t stand the fact that she was older than him. So he has been telling everyone he is already four.

One hurdle we already crossed- getting rid of the pacifier. Yay for naughty dogs!


This kid cracks me up every day. Things are always interesting with JJ around.

He is my loudest and most talkative child. He is also the most outgoing. For those that know my boys, you know that they are shy and quiet for the most part. Not JJ. Maybe that comes with being the youngest.


But he is the biggest sweetheart. I was crying about something recently and he started crying because I was.

He is persistent to the point of annoying, but I know that will be a good quality to have later on.


He is such a flirt and likes to be around girls of any age.

He adds such joy to my life and I can’t imagine my life without him in it!


Happy Birthday Jayce! Love you so much!

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