Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perry Renovations- Built-Ins

There is a narrow room to the left as you come into the house from the mud room. It is completely covered in paneling and has some strange built-in cabinets along the one wall.

My idea- I want to take the doors off the upper cabinets and leave them open. I would keep doors on the lower ones, but order new doors from the same place as I want to for my kitchen cabinets. Everything would be primed and painted. I'd like to try to bring the shelving down to meet the lower cabinets on each side. I think this would help to make it look like a built-in around a TV. The problem is the unit on the left side is a desk area. So I'm not sure how I would make it look uniform on both sides.

I would also hope to take out the bottom shelf in the middle unit so I could mount a TV to the wall in that area.

Now to talk about the fireplace. I think it is disgusting and ugly. I LOVE fireplaces. But this is not a real fireplace (in my opinion). It is electric and plugs into the wall right next to the logs. Don't get me wrong. They make some beautiful electric fireplaces right now that look very real. This does not. And I think the brick facade is ugly and boxy. I want to tear it all out. I'm not sure what will go in its place yet. But we can decide that later on.

Down the road-
I would love to open up the staircase a little. It is really hidden around the corner and a very dark space.
It would be great to open up this side and put a railing going halfway up.

Another thing for down the road-
The whole house has an intercom system. Most of them work (at least they did before the renters moved in) and you can play the radio throughout the house. The problem is it is so outdated and pretty ugly. The outside intercom doesn't work and a couple of other rooms don't work either. I would love to replace it with a newer version.

I googled the name and they still make the same stuff- NuTone.
Here is what it looks like now.

Some models you can even hook up an ipod to play through it. That would be so awesome! But it would cost around $1000 to completely replace all the units. This isn't a priority but sure would be fun later on.

I'm kinda excited to get into our house! Can you tell?

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