Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pinterest Fun

This past weekend was wonderful. Our soccer games were canceled on Saturday so we had NOTHING all day. It was awesome!
Plus it was raining which is a great excuse to stay inside all day.
I was on Pinterest, of course, and was inspired to try a few things.
First was this-

Looks real, doesn't it?!
I actually tricked a few people in this house with it.

The pin I found used latex to produce this look. But I didn't have any so I thought I'd try glue.

I spread a wide patch on my arm and waited for it to dry.

I then peeled off some glue from the middle of the patch and left pieces hanging.

I didn't have any Halloween makeup so I used regular makeup.

I used different colors and blended things as I went. On Pinterest it said to use yellow to show pus but I didn't have any yellow. I forgot the last step. It needed lip gloss (without sparkles) to be spread inside the wound to make it look wet. But I thought it looked pretty good without it.

The one negative- I lost quite a few arm hairs when removing it!

I also followed a tutorial for eye makeup from Pinterest. This is how it turned out-

I had fun. It was my ideal Saturday. We also did pumpkin carving which you'll see this week.

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