Friday, October 12, 2012


Thank goodness it's Friday.

We made a loooong trip to southern Detroit to get our fridge yesterday. It was a very long day. I may need a nap today to recover :) Seriously though, how does riding in a car make you so tired?

Everything went smoothly and the fridge is beautiful. Online there was never a picture of the front. So here is one. (kinda)

It is a little dirty but not bad at all. And it doesn't smell bad either. The shelves are glass and can be rolled out. I'm so excited to have the filtered water on the inside of the fridge. They even gave us the manual to it.

We did have a little trouble unloading it ourselves. It got a scratch/dent on the right hand side.

It was heavy! Not a big deal though.

We went downtown and ate at 8th Street Grille. It was delicious. This is definitely soup weather. While we were there we saw this cool car.

It's even electric. The boys were amazed.

This guy is doing good with potty training lately. We had a rough patch for a while.

He is so cute I just want to squeeze him all the time!

Big storms are coming for the weekend so enjoy the sunshine while we have it and have a great one!

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