Monday, October 8, 2012

10 Monday Things

1. I love being able to stay at home with my kids. I volunteered at Cole’s school this morning. So much fun!

2. We found a fridge but we have to drive to Detroit to get it. (Craig’s List). It was listed for $800 but we offered $675 and they agreed. It’s five years old. Now to find a day we can go pick it up!


3. I have been out of commission for over a week. Can’t seem to kick this cold. Today the glands in my neck hurt so bad!

4. I have book club tonight. We read the book Crow Lake. It was good, I enjoyed it. I am making this for dessert at book club.


5. On the agenda for today- swap out summer clothes for warmer garments for these chilly days. Although I’ve heard we have a bit of a warm-up in the forecast. This is good since most of our winter clothes and our winter coats are in storage.

6. All of our Halloween costumes are packed in storage. Should be an interesting preparation for trick-or-treating. Time to think creatively.

7. We bought our pumpkins for a soon-to-be carving session. This should be interesting when our carving tools are in storage……*big sigh*…

8. Anyone else ready for this blasted election to be done and over with?

9. Only 38 days until we are in our house!

10. Here is an even scarier number- 78 days until Christmas!!!!!

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