Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Renovation Plans

I know I’ve posted about my renovating ideas before, but this time I will go into more detail. It’s all I can think about lately!

We are focusing on three main things (huge things) before we move in.

1. Wood flooring on most of the main floor.

2. Paint all of the paneling, walls and trim- white! (or rip out all the trim-haven’t decided yet)

3. Update the kitchen

The rest will be projects to do as we go. I figure if the main floor is done, we can move in and work on the upstairs and other rooms while we are living there.

Today I will talk about the flooring.

As of right now, we will get our wood flooring from Lumber Liquidators.  There is a location in Grand Rapids and we would go pick up the product from them when it’s time.

I still have a lot of research to do on installation and other things, but I’ve done a lot already. We will install it ourselves. Woo hoo for DIYing.

We have very little budget. So installing it ourselves will help to save. We are also choosing a product that is unfinished and has knots and other imperfections. The total cost would be around $2500. For any other wood flooring the cost would be around $10,000. That’s definitely not in the budget!

We are using New England White Pine. It is a very soft wood. It will show scratches easily. But I think I will be fine with this. Especially because I know it ahead of time. I like old, rustic things and scratches will add to the character of the flooring.

We would choose a middle of the road stain. Not too dark, not too light. Not too red or orange. I will have to test a few out first.

Here are some pictures other customers have posted on Lumber Liquidators site of the product we want to use-




It is a wide plank board. 6 7/8 “ wide. Some say a board that wide needs to be face nailed. I’m still researching this. If any experts out there know what is best, please let me know!

We plan to put this throughout the living, dining, and family rooms and the kitchen. We are also hoping to put it on the upstairs landing.

None of these ideas are definite yet. Just what I am HOPING to do.

Next up- Painting.

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  1. Love the floor!!! Especially the last picture-the color is FAB...I may need to "borrow" your idea :)