Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Local Estate Sales

I get emails from when there is an estate sale within 50 miles of Holland. Not all estate sales appeal to me. But I got an email for one in Spring Lake for this Friday and Saturday. It had some things that interested me.

Leopard and cheetah is so big right now, just not sure like this. But it would be cool on someone-



And I’m always attracted to furniture-



We need a new grill and circular saw-



There is another sale here in Holland on Saturday only. It doesn’t look like it has as much stuff, but what they do have is good.



I really like the colors in this painting-


Will you go to the sales? See something you like?

I’m not desperate for anything. Plus I have a busy weekend. We always go to Robinettes every fall and will be attempting that on Friday. And Saturday is our birthday party at Crazy Bounce.

Fun busy-ness!

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