Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Salem Corn Maze

This corn maze is out in Dorr for you locals. We love this place and have been going there the last few years.
It was cold yesterday but the sunset was beautiful.

The maze was a lot easier than previous years. One year I (along with some unnamed others) got lost in the maze for over an hour. Everyone was already done and had been waiting for us to finish for some time. It was a tad embarrassing. This year went very quickly.

They take us out to the maze in this tractor pulled wagon.
Here is a view of the farm from the maze.

Here is a view of the maze we are about to enter.

The sunset was beautiful.

The cornstalks looked all lit up and golden.

Following the maze you get cider and freshly fried doughnuts. It was delicious. Their building is more and more decorated every year.
It was very busy for a Monday night. But I guess it is really close to Halloween. I've been told they have a very scary haunted Forrest. We will have to try that some time down the road.

You guys should check it out next year! They close November 1st.

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