Thursday, October 4, 2012

Perry House- Painting

This will not be a very long post.

We will be doing a LOT of painting in our new house. But I don’t have to make very many choices.

The color of choice throughout the house- WHITE.

My last house had lots of different colors. There was about seven different paint colors throughout our house.

This time I am doing things differently. I will be painting everything white and bringing color in with accessories and artwork.

We have a lot of dark paneling in the downstairs as well as the upstairs. It was built in the ‘70s so that is expected. For oh so many reasons, we won’t be trying to tear that down and put up drywall. We will just paint over the paneling.

I have done this a couple of times. From my experience I have learned that oil based primers are better because they dry harder. It will be a mess to clean up and very stinky. But better.

Here are some pictures of the paneled rooms.





As you can see from the pictures the trim is very ugly also. It will need to be painted white also. But I’m really not a fan of it anyway. So I’m debating whether to take it all out or not. I will be removing most of the inside doors. Not a huge fan. I will be looking for doors that have more character instead of being plain and flat. I’m not sure if I will buy new or find old, antique doors to replace them.

I am removing the kitchen cabinet doors also. Then I am painting the bases white. I want to order new doors through a company online. But I will get into that when I talk about the kitchen reno.

So, yeah…..white. It may sound boring but it will really brighten up the space and make it look fresh and new.

I can’t wait to get started!!!!

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