Friday, October 5, 2012

Perry House- Kitchen Ideas

Here are the ideas I have for the kitchen of our new house. These are what I’m hoping for, but nothing is absolute yet.

First things first-


I will be changing the layout of the kitchen. I want to remove the upper and lower cabinets that separate the kitchen from the dining room. I’d actually like to swing the lower cabinets against the wall up to the window in the dining room.

This will be difficult because-


-the peninsula contains the dishwasher. But hopefully that’s not a deal breaker.

I’d also like to take out the lowered ceiling and that awful, awful light fixture. I detest fluorescent lights.


I’m not sure if this is possible or if the ceiling is lower in the kitchen for a specific reason.

I think raising the ceiling to match the rest on the main floor will definitely help to make it feel more spacious. I’d love to add some recessed lighting in there.

I’ll be removing the scalloped wood piece above the sink. I may even be removing the upper cabinets flanking the sink. I’d love to do something like this instead-


or this-


I am also trying to find a decent priced apron front sink like this-


Like I said yesterday, I am removing the cabinet doors. In my last house I just added skinny trim to the outside door to add interest to the plain front cabinets. This time (budget allowing) I would like to order new doors for all the bases.

I am going to look at this online company and really like this style. At $12 a door, the price will add up quickly. But it’s a lot less than all new cabinets. I could get real wood at $15 a door, but I will be painting them anyways. Still not 100% sure.

I’m still debating about the cabinet color. I’m almost positive I will go with white but thought a little color would be nice too. Maybe a mixture like this-


I don’t want a microwave above the cooktop. I’d rather put in a plain hood vent and build a nice hood vent cover around it. Kind of like this-


I love the shelf. And I’d really like to make it from reclaimed lumber like this-


And then use the same reclaimed lumber to make a kitchen island like this-


but with a wood top.

And the same reclaimed lumber to build this on our dining room wall-


right here


to the right, but not as big as in the photo above.

And then build something like this between the end of the kitchen cabinets and around the corner to meet the storage unit.


The countertops I am not certain what to do. We may wait awhile before deciding anything. But what I would really love is to make our own concrete countertops like this girl did. But it would be a LOT of work.

We almost have all our appliances. We are getting a new dishwasher from the builder for free because the one currently in the house doesn’t work. Now all we need is a fridge. It’s hard because the space for it is only 33 inches wide. The most common width of a fridge is 36 inches. So we may reconfigure that space too. Who knows! It’s hard to say without getting into the space and checking it out in person! Only 41 days!

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with all of this. I have so many ideas floating around in my head and it sure did help to put them down some where.

If you guys have any advice about the kitchen ceiling or anything else- let me know! I love hearing input!!


  1. Ikea has farmhouse sinks for a reasonable price...can't remember the prices but our friends did their kitchen on a budget and got a really pretty single basin one. Can't wait to see you make this home yours :) It has so MUCH wonderful potential!!! xo

  2. I will check that out! Thanks Lisa :)