Friday, September 28, 2012

Appliance Trip

We took an unexpected trip to Chicago yesterday.
It was a beautiful day.

I have been watching Craig's List religiously for appliances. Always looking for a good deal.

Well, we found one.

We have gone back and forth a hundred times: stainless or white...look for deals or buy new...stay with a wall oven or tear out cabinets and get a normal range?????

We decided to go with white and look for deals. So many people are getting rid of decent white appliances to go to stainless steel. For us, right now, it makes sense to take advantage of some of those deals. Maybe down the road some we can upgrade to brand new appliances.

We made two stops in Chicago. The first one was very close to downtown. It was a beautiful area and just what I pictured.

The houses are narrow but tall.

The second stop was out in the West Suburbs. It was a young couple doing a complete kitchen reno.
Here's what we got- a GE double oven in almost new condition, an older Frigidaire single wall oven, a Kenmore gas cooktop and an over the range microwave- for $600.
We will be relisting the single wall oven since we don't need three ovens.

Yes, it all fit in our van. But we had to fold all the seats down. Two little ones had to ride home on the floor. Oops!

And they are still in our van because we don't know where we are putting them for the next month and a half.

2 more appliances to go.
Yay for great deals!
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