Friday, September 7, 2012


1. The weekends are extra precious once school starts.

2. Still no closing date. Pulling my hair out. Keep hearing 'next week'.

3. Here is a glimpse of the projects I am working on this weekend. Can't wait to show you!

4. Scott found the greatest deal on a whole kitchen of appliances on Monday on Craig's List. We were first to respond. She said they were ours. Then she sold them to someone else. I cried. Still not over it.

5. Going to Lake Ann Camp next weekend with the girls for a simulcast from Beth Moore! So excited!

6. Loving the cool down in weather!

7. A better Craig's list experience- got a Vito clarinet for E for band for $100. To rent is $25/month. Much better deal.

8. Potluck at church on Sunday. Yay! Love potlucks.

9. Please pray for CoCo to make a friend at school. He's so shy and I'm afraid he is eating lunch and playing at recess by himself. Breaks this mom's heart.

10. My puppies are becoming best friends :)

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